Inspire Cross Rower CR2

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Commercial Use


Up To 5Hrs use per day

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Product Information

The word unique is used freely these days but when used in the context of the Inspire Cross Rower CR2 it is the only word that sums up this new and innovative machine. It is a rower unlike any other rower on the market and can provide a maximum workout in the minimal time required. The features that make the Inspire Cross Rower CR2 so different is the seat moves in an elliptical motion and not a linear one like a conventional rower. The resistance from the handles works in both directions, push and pull and this resistance can be changed while exercising by just the turn of a dial positioned conveniently at the side of the handles. Finally just take your hands off the handles and you can work your legs alone, completely isolating the lower body. However Inspire don't stop at just great workout features on the Cross Rower CR2, they also provide comfort and ease of use. The high seat and low step through provides easy access to all ages and abilities. The handles have three different grip positions and can also be height adjusted for additional comfort. Finally an easy to read console feeds back all the important workout data.


• Push and pull resistance

• Elliptical seat motion

• Isolation of the lower body

• Easy to read console

• Easy access to workout position

• Extremely smooth and quiet

Programmes & Console


Single display LCD readout with duration buttons 2, 5, and 10 minutes






• Time

• Distance

• Pulse

• Strokes

• Strokes per minute

• Calories



• 12.7kg Flywheel

• Anatomically moulded seat

• Aluminum centre beam

• Ball bearing roller resistance

• Size L x 170cm W x 102cm H x 101.7cm