WaterRower has long been recognised as producing the purest, most realistic simulator of on-water rowing. WaterRower has been dedicated to handcrafting rowing machines of exceptional quality and design since 1988. The WaterRower's unique WaterFlywheel has been designed to produce the precise physical dynamics of a moving boat. The resistance produced by the flywheel's uniform mass adjusts to the exact effort of each user. This self-regulating resistance varies according to the "Rule of Cubes". Doubling the speed requires an eight-fold increase in power and effort; resistance is therefore infinite and infinitely variable. With its vast model range there is a WaterRower that will compliment any commercial environment from a personal trainer studio to expansive health clubs to luxury hotels and boutique fitness studios. For a small additional cost the wooden ones can even be stained and the metal ones powder coated in a range of colours to match a colour scheme or branding requirement. All wooden rowers can be fitted with the HiRise Adaptor to raise the height of the rower by 20cm's, making it easier to access.