Group Exercise

The Fitwalker Group Exercise Treadmill

The latest spin on group exercise is Walking. Fitwalking is a brand new activity that is rapidly becoming very popular among members of fitness and sports centres all over
Europe. Its engaging and enjoyable. open to all ages and
fitness levels, It is extremely effective in the improvement
of posture, coordination and aerobic fitness.

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The Nessfit SMS Circuit Stations

SMS is an innovative way of strength training based on the principal of training from the standing position, instead of the traditional seated position. This involves all the body and enables a better and more complete workout. Furthermore, the standing position helps training of particular aspects such as mobility, balance, coordination and agility. Each machine of the SMS Circuit is designed around one part of the body, however the standing position guarantees more muscles are involved.

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Spin Style Indoor Training Bikes

Indoor cycling is one of the most popular group exercise activies on the market
with spin bike classes held in many leisure centres and gymnasiums throughout the UK.
Our selection of indoor training cycles are designed for
ease of use and built to a durable commercial grade to
withstand long hours of use.

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