After Sales Support

Sales Advice

For over 30 years Fitness Options has been supplying commercial gym and fitness equipment to hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, gyms, health-clubs, corporate and personal trainers and has a combined staff experience of over one hundred years! It is with this wealth of experience we can offer unrivalled help and advice on which equipment will suit your requirements best.

Planning, delivery and installation

Once the equipment has been chosen, Fitness Options can then plan your room layout to make best use of space (see 'Layout Planning' for more information). Once the equipment choice has been finalised, our engineers will then deliver and install it all.

Equipment induction

As part of our after-sales service, once installation is complete we wll come to your gym and show you and your staff how to make best use of each piece of your new equipment. At the same time we will also show you how to best look after your new equipment to ensure you get the longest possible life from it.

fitness equipment induction

For as long as you own it!

Our after-sales service is for life! We are available to do re-inductions and provide maintenance and use advice for as long as you own the equipment. Our sales and service phone lines are answered by actual humans (no menu system) and we also have a 24 hour voicemail service so you can leave a message and we'll call you back.

Service Contracts

Fitness Options is also able to provide ongoing service contracts for your equipment where our engineers will check, adjust and lubricate the equipment and provide you with a service report detailing any further work. Any further work can be undertaken by our engineers or by yours (or you) and we will provide you with any advice to complete it should you need it.

Need more advice? please contact Karl Viner on 0115 946 3085