Commercial Categories Explained

Commercial gym equipment falls into different categories and is designed accordingly. Determining from the outset which category your fitness facility falls into can make great savings. However it is essential that you understand the differences so that your equipment is fit for purpose and provides the correct warranties.

This is where professional advice is important, providing you with peace of mind.


Supervised facilities, for example Cardiac Rehab Units, Physio Departments and Personal Trainer Studios.
Typical usage per day is limited to 4 hours.

Light Commercial

Facilities that are used by a larger number of people but for limited periods. Small hotels, small/medium size corporate gyms, Schools, Fire Stations, Police Stations and Prisons all fall into this category.
               Typical usage per day is limited to 6 hours.

Full Commercial

Equipment designed for any environment, with no limit on its usage.
Typical usage per day is unlimited hours


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